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Minnesota Fats Pool and Billiards Cues

For people involved in the game of billiards and other pool games, the quality of cue or billiard sticks is extremely important in executing their game plans. Among the different brands available in the market, Minnesota Fats have been producing quality billiards accessories. They have an exhaustive range of cues and pool sticks that suit players of different levels.
Minnesota Fats cues are available in a number of versions. Classic cues have been designed to meet the requirements of an experienced player, Licensed cues are a perfect fit for experienced players as well as those who are in the beginning stages of their Billiards career.
Minnesota Fats Classic cues
Classic pool cues are made out of the durable North American hard rock maple shaft and measure 58 inches in length. The cue comes with a classic nylon wrap that provides the much needed grip for the experienced players. The other main features of the cue include 13mm taper and secured joints. These classic cues are available in two weights in the form of 19 ounces and 20 Ounces. Pool players could choose a weight based on their weight preferences.
Minnesota Fats Coors Lite Licensed cue
It comes with many of the features available in a classic pool cue. Coors Lite pool cues are available in weights ranging from 18 ounces to 19 ounces.
Corona hardwood pool cue
This is another excellent option available for a beginner in pool sports. The material used in the making of this cue is hardwood. This cue comes with a 13mm tip and a professional taper. This cue is also available in weights of 18 ounces and 19 ounces.
Miller Lite Hardwood pool cue
This is another option provided by Minnesota Fats for beginners and experienced pool players alike. It comes in weights ranging from 20 ounces to 21 ounces.
Billiard Pool table Accessories
Minnesota Fats Billiards pool table sweep brush
This brush helps the clubs and the individuals to maintain their billiards table cloth in a clean condition. These brushes come with quality bristles that help to clean the billiards table cloth in an efficient and smooth manner. Minnesota Fats billiards pool table rail brush
These brushes come with high quality nylon bristles that are capable of cleaning the tables without really scratching the tables. The rail brush can also be used to clean the billiards table pockets.
Minnesota Regulation pool ball set
As part of this pool ball set, there are 15 balls available and a separate cue ball. Totally 16 balls are available as part of the set. There is also an extra playboy 8 ball provided as part of this set.
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