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Basic Stretching for Increasing Vertical Jump Performance

When we talk about the process of maximizing explosion performance in athletics, we are always going to be talking about numerous internal body factors working together to produce the whole result.
In relation to the actual training process this will inevitably mean that training will be like a puzzle. All the pieces must be properly accounted for to help create that important total whole outcome.
The process of reaching our maximum vertical explosion potential includes factors like strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, quick twitch muscle development, proper nutrition, correct rest (to allow the muscles to rebuild), and flexibility through proper stretching. The bottom line with regard to that last puzzle piece of stretching is that it is the one which is least understood out of the entire list.
I frankly don't know one male elite athlete who has acquired the correct knowledge regarding what is what is proper stretching without the aid of a paid trainer. The obvious problem is these trainers cost money. So what about the rest of us who might want to know how to jump higher but aren't going to be able to pay a trainer? How do we learn proper stretching principles and techniques for our maximum jump height? We will look at the basics below with a vital joint and muscle group for jumping higher: the hip flexor.
--What is the hip flexor?
The hip flexor is actually a group of front muscles constituting the upper thigh from the hip to the knee. They are important in jump higher because they are primary working muscles in any full body explosion movement. To effectively stretch all the muscles making up the hip flexors of each leg you must concentrate on movements which are more pull and move, rather than grab and hold.
--Two simple dynamic stretch moves which are tailored to maximizing the flexibility of the hip flexor.
Again, when attacking the hip flexor you are wanting to think in terms of stretches which are done in a moving fashion rather than the more traditional hold or static form.
In stretch one you will want to get on your side and gently pull the leg back using your hand grabbing on your ankle. Go back as far as you can then release the hold and let your leg snap back forward slowly lifting as high as you can with the knee. Think about how high your knee would go up if you were standing and marching. Do this 10 or 15 times with each leg. This is an easy and powerful stretch which many athletes have never done.
Stretch two is also simple but powerful. Get on one knee with your other leg bent in front of you and the foot flat to the ground. Pull your shoulders back so your chest sort of sticks out in an exaggerated fashion. Roll forward with the upper body for a two count and back for a two count. 10 or 15 times is also a good number for this stretch. Remember with both basic stretches to be constantly moving but slow and controlled.
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