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Billiard Supplies

Billiards is a fun recreation for many people and having a pool table in your family's recreation room is a great way to entertain friends and family. Although, billiards is considered to be a skillful game, having a billiards table to practice on, will be beneficial for improving your skills. If you are considering the additional of a billiards room in your home, the following billiard supplies are essential for a successful game of pool.
Billiards Table
The pool table is the largest and the most prominent type of billiard supplies. Standard pool tables are available in three lengths; seven, eight or nine feet. Typically a pool hall or club has 9 foot tables, while homeowners typically have a 8 foot table in order to save on space. Each table has six pockets with rubber bumpers between the pockets. The base is usually made from a thick, smooth and level piece of slate, which is covered by a piece of felt cloth. The felt covering is available in a variety of covers such as red, yellow, green and black. The quality of the felt is important as the felt is what makes the ball travel smoothly and provide accurate shots.
Pool Balls
The balls are also one of the important billiard supplies you will need. In a standard game of pool, there are fifteen balls, which are numbered from one to fifteen and a solid white ball, which is the cue ball. The balls are also either striped or solid. There are seven striped balls and seven solid balls, plus the black 8 ball.
Cue Sticks
The cue stick is what is used to hit the balls. Cue sticks come in two types; a single cue, which is the most common type of cue stick or a double cue, which is broken down into two sections, the butt and the shaft. Single cues are typically made from plastic, graphite or lightweight wood. They come in a variety of weights ranging from 14 oz to 22 and they vary in price, depending on the weight as well as the style and materials used in making them. It is also recommended that you have a cue stand, which is designed to hold all of the cue sticks to prevent damage if they are laid on the floor or leaned against a wall.
Ball Rack
A ball rack is used to group the balls together. They are both triangle and diamond shaped racks to choose from, depending on the type of game you prefer. Racks are made from either or wood or plastic and those made from wood are typically more expensive, however, they last longer than plastic racks.
Additional Accessories
Pool chalk is one the billiard supplies you will need in order to have control of the ball and prevent friction between the ball and cue stick. Pool table lights are installed above the center of the pool table and are beneficial for proper visibility of your shots. A cover for the pool table helps to prevent spills and dust from damaging the felt. offers information regarding billiard supplies. For more on selecting a billiards table, please visit us at

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