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The History of Billiards

Croquet played on a table?
Did you know that Billiards is a game which actually derived from the game of Croquet? A game played by the upper class societies, by kings and queens and pillars of the community. Lawn Billiards as the game was at the time was played by the masses, it did not matter in the slightest who you were, it was played and enjoyed.
Mary Queen of Scots had her own Billiard table, made out of wood and clothed with a beautiful green fabric which was intended to mimic the grass in which it was once played. After her execution in February 1587, she was wrapped in her billiard table cloth.
After a short dip in popularity in the game somewhere around the late 1800's the game of billiards took off again big time in 1945 when the first pool tournaments took place. Since then the game has grown from strength to strength attracting more and more players and spawning more professional players.
Variations of the game
There are actually two versions of the game of billiards which are well known to date which date from the 1500's, carom Billiards or three cushion billiards as it is sometimes known, and the other version is pocket Billiards, more about the variations of the game is explained as follows.
8 Ball pool or billiards is a game where the ball with the number 8 on it is sat in the middle of all the other Bakelite billiard balls inside the triangle rack, when the rack is removed then the leading player plays the white ball to break the triangle of balls and the game begins.
Three railed-carom Billiards is played a little differently in that the table does not have any pockets in which to pocket the ball, instead you play the game with two white balls and a red ball. The idea is to hit one of the white balls which will hit one of the other balls, sending it into a roll where it bounces of three cushions. This will score you a total of 50 points.
Speed pool is a game which has grown out of the love for cue games. The general idea of the game is as the name suggests a game of speed. You need to be able to put the balls in their pockets in as short a time as possible. The player who pots all the balls the quickest obviously wins the game. There is speed pool tournaments played around the world, but the rules to the game vary from place to place.
The most popular and well known variant of the game of Billiards is snooker. This is a game which is now played all over the world, hosting large and small tournaments and has spawned many a professional player. The balls with snooker however are not numbered the way that they are will billiards and pool; needless to say, they still do have a number attached to them which helps to make up the score while the game is played.
Not only are the balls in snooker not numbered visually, they are to be potted into the pockets in ascending order, which means all the red balls worth 1point should go into the pocket first before you even think of potting the black ball worth a magic 8 points.
The way that these games are growing in popularity, it will soon become a game where it is not a male dominated game as it is currently, there will be more and more women turning professional. Women are playing the game more now than they ever were before.
I have found that the history of billiards is a very interesting topic and a great conversation starter when playing pool.

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